[openEHR-announce] Brazil re-affirms commitment to openEHR

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at oceaninformatics.com
Wed May 16 11:43:53 EDT 2012

From: Brazil Ministry of health - Secretary of Participative management 

As part of operationalising chapter III of the government decree (Nº 
2.073, DE 31 DE AGOSTO DE 2011 
a national EHR Workshop was held aimed at defining methods and standards 
to be used in the Brazilian EHR Project (RES-National). The conclusions 
were largely underpinned by openEHR. Held in Brasilia between 8^th to 
10^th of May 2012, this workshop broadly covered topics such as 
architectural principles, scope of implementation and governance. It was 
agreed that the Ministry of Health and the recently created workgroup 
will kick off initial work by reviewing Minas Gerais Health Department 
archetypes based on openEHR formalism. This will be the base for the 
first of four phases of the RES-National Project, which ultimately aims 
at making health information within the current national systems 
electronically available in a secure manner through a citizen portal and 
supporting healthcare professionals and administrators. The main focus 
will be to promote the continuity of care, especially at the primary 
care facilities.

The first step to action is to draft documents describing the 
information model, model of access to information (role based access, 
standard queries) and archetype governance process.

At the workshop there was clear acceptance to use openEHR EHR extracts 
as the means to exchange health information. Among the participating 
  organisations, including SBIS, CONASS, CONASEMS, ABRASCO, 
universities, supplementary health organizations, states of Minas 
Gerais, São Paulo and Goias, city of Belo Horizonte, supported the final 
document which defines terminology service and archetype management.

Jussara Macedo, a Director of the openEHR Foundation, and her colleagues 
who have been the driving force behind this effort describe the outcome 
as /"a historical moment for our country and we should celebrate it. 
There is a long road full of work, but there is also a very important 
convergence of efforts towards it. A rare moment of understanding of 
what is about to come and what is the best way to address those issues."/


  * Oficina RES Brasil Maio 2012
  * National EHR Workshop Brazil May 2012(EN).

Further information:

  * Jussara Macedo Rotzsch <jussara.macedo at gmail.com>

Other references:

  * Ministry of Health blog

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