[openEHR-announce] Archetype Editor 2.2.870 beta

Peter Gummer peter.gummer at oceaninformatics.com
Thu Oct 25 18:37:42 EDT 2012

Archetype Editor 2.2.870 beta has just been released.


Release Changes since the previous 2.2.779 beta:
	• Archetypes can be copied to and from ADL and XML, in batch mode from the command line.
	• Allow the current contact to be recorded.
	• Allow DV_PARSABLE to be viewed on the Interface tab.
	• Allow assumed value to be set in any data, not just on patient state.
	• Named slots now show the Details tab, allowing comments, annotations and bindings to be added.
	• Prevent changing the structure of specialised archetypes.
	• Prevent editing of non-specialised nodes on the Definition tab of specialised archetypes.
	• The Authorship date defaults to YYYY-MM-DD format.
	• Fixed usability problems with assumed value for DV_QUANTITY.
	• Fixed changing the data type of an element to a slot.
	• Fixed saving a choice with a slot.
	• Fixed saving a Single or Table structure with a slot.
	• Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_CODED_TEXT internal codes.
	• Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_PROPORTION.
	• Fixed saving to XML of is_integral for DV_PROPORTION.
	• Fixed saving of edits done on the Terminology tab.
	• Fixed saving the correct order of internal reference elements.
	• Fixed saving name constraints of XML ELEMENT archetypes.
	• Fixed saving COMPOSITION archetypes with a Table structure.
	• Fixed saving Participation occurrences in COMPOSITION archetypes.
	• Fixed specialising the concept code of XML archetypes.
	• Fixed more exceptions with XML archetypes.
	• Fixed some problems editing the Term Bindings Complex tab.
	• Fixed "Person State with Event Series" to be initially enabled in OBSERVATION archetypes.
	• Fixed the "-" button to be enabled whenever appropriate to remove cluster and slot elements.
	• Fixed a problem introduced in 2.2.601 Beta, that editing the comments field caused an InvalidCastException if the user had answered yes to the question whether to replace translations.
	• Fixed problems introduced in 2.2.775 Beta:
		• Specialising a node added a name constraint.
		• Specialising a DV_QUANTITY cleared the property and corrupted it in the saved ADL.

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