[openEHR-announce] Archetype Editor 2.2.898 beta

Peter Gummer peter.gummer at oceaninformatics.com
Mon Feb 18 21:45:25 EST 2013

Archetype Editor 2.2.898 beta has just been released.


Release Changes since the previous 2.2.876 beta:
	• Allow assumed value to be deleted.
	• Added Rate of Change - Pressure property units (daPa/s).
	• Added Rate of Change - Frequency property units (Hz/s).
	• Added more Japanese translations.
	• Added Russian translations.
	• Internationalised many parts of the user interface, ready for translation into other languages.
	• Fixed error when loading an empty resource_package_uri from ADL.
	• Fixed saving of assumed value for DV_DURATION.
	• Fixed saving of DV_QUANTITY or DV_PROPORTION with a non-zero precision.
	• Fixed garbled text on the Display tab in some languages.

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