[openEHR-announce] New publication: openEHR and open source sustainability

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at oceaninformatics.com
Thu Jan 17 10:46:41 EST 2013

A special issue of the Canadian  journal, Technology Innovation 
Management Review, has just been published and features open source 
software sustainability:

see http://timreview.ca/issue/2013/january

The special issue draws on a range of experiences and insights from 
different domains and David Ingram and Seref Arikan have contributed an 
invited article, drawing on personal perspectives and with examples from 
their work on openEHR and Opereffa, as follows:

_The Evolving Role of Open Source Software in Medicine and Health 
Services <http://timreview.ca/article/648>_

David Ingram <http://timreview.ca/user/549/article>, Sevket Seref Arikan 

Download this article as a PDF 

In addition, Daniel Curto-Millet, a PhD student at London's LSE, who is 
observing and reviewing the development of the openEHR mission and 
community, has contributed an article based on early findings from his 
research programme,  as follows:

_Sustainability and Governance in Developing Open Source Projects as 
Processes of In-Becoming <http://timreview.ca/article/649>_

Daniel Curto-Millet <http://timreview.ca/user/593/article>

Download this article as a PDF 

We hope the special issue as a whole, as well as the openEHR related 
papers, will be of interest for the wide ranging and international 
membership of openEHR.

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