[openEHR-announce] New masters thesis on GDL, decision support from Karolinska Institute

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Mon Jul 8 08:41:48 EDT 2013

A new thesis 
<http://www.openehr.org/resources/publications#decision_support> has 
been published on guidelines, working with the Guideline Definition 
Language (GDL), by Konstantinos Kalliamvakos from Karolinska Institutet.

Title: *Evaluation of the Guideline Definition Language (GDL) in the 
clinical area of severe sepsis and septic shock*


  * *Background*: The currently existing Guideline Representation
    Models(GRM) present limitations which hinder the adoption of
    guideline oriented Clinical Decision Support Systems(CDSS). To
    overcome these limitations and allow a successful adoption of
    guideline oriented CDSS standardized GRMs, which can express
    Clinical Practice Guidelines(CPGs) as Clinical Decision Support(CDS)
    rules, are needed. Therefore the two standardized GRMs GELLO and GDL
    have emerged. Even though GDL is currently evaluated in different
    clinical areas further evaluation is needed to improve and verify
    its design.
  * *Objectives*: The aim is to assess if GDL can be used to
    successfully represent CPGs as CDS rules in an EHR and to unveil any
    similarities between the specifications of GELLO and GDL.
  * *Methods*: A small part of a severe sepsis and septic shock
    guideline was modeled using GDL which was then applied to mock
    patient data to validate GDL. Furthermore the specification of GELLO
    and GDL were compared against certain criteria to unveil any
  * *Results*: Four GDL guides were produced for the detection and
    management of severe sepsis and septic shock. Results from the
    validation of GDL were in line with the mock patient data and
    results from the comparison of GELLO and GDL revealed two similarities.
  * *Conclusion*: The validation indicates that GDL can support the
    criteria for modeling guidelines in the clinical area of severe
    sepsis and septic shock; due to limitations this finding cannot be
    generalized. The comparison of GELLO and GDL revealed similarities
    regarding the use of the OO approach for their design and the use of
    a local term binded to an external terminology.
  * *Keywords*: Guideline representation models, GDL, GELLO, Clinical
    decision support systems, HL7, openEHR.

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