[openEHR-announce] openEHR infrastructure - status update

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at oceaninformatics.com
Mon Jun 10 08:12:46 EDT 2013

The openEHR infrastructure has been (somewhat slowly) updated over the 
last few months as follows:

  * the website <http://www.openehr.org/> is now on a hosted server with
    latest Ubuntu / LAMP stack; practically speaking this means we can
    take advantage of anything recent / modern in latest Apache, PHP,
    Git etc
      o nearing completion: MySQL-backed news posting capability, which
        will replace the static news article pages (the look and feel
        will be more or less the same)
      o getting started - multi-lingual translation of openEHR main website
      o TODO: webalyzer or similar webstats
      o TODO: route news feeds through either twitter or RSS to enable
        push-updates to the community
  * the Jira issue-tracker <http://www.openehr.org/issues/browse/SPECPR>
    is on a hosted server, and upgraded to v5.2 (an upgrade to 6.0 will
    happen soon)
  * the Confluence wiki <http://www.openehr.org/wiki/dashboard.action>
    is on the same hosted server and upgraded to v5.1
      o for Jira and Confluence, email remains to be set up
      o TODO: coalesce the wiki spaces
        <http://www.openehr.org/wiki/dashboard.action> into a structure
        more closely resembling the openEHR Programs
      o TODO: improve some of the ageing content, e.g. FAQs
  * the mailing lists <http://www.openehr.org/community/mailinglists>
    are running at EMWD.com <http://emwd.com/>
      o TODO: put in a proper archive tool like we had before (Mhonarc),
        but this should happen soon; the lists can be processed from day
        1, so we will get the web archive back the way it was
  * the openEHR GitHub <https://github.com/openEHR> project now contains
    the openEHR IP (moved from the old Subversion server), mostly moved
    with branches and tags intact from subversion:
      o all software projects
      o the specifications
      o the website
      o test archetypes used for the ADL 1.5 compiler
      o a periodic mirror of CKM
      o openEHR reference terminologies
      o openEHR reference models (UML, BMM, XMI etc)
      o tool downloads
  * The openEHR YouTube channel
    <http://www.youtube.com/user/openehr?feature=results_main> is
    starting to have some useful content, with useful pointers from the
    Learning Centre page <http://www.openehr.org/resources/learningcentre>.
      o TODO: more work needed here to collate useful existing content
        in playlists or otherwise - please provide suggestions/feedback
        here <http://www.openehr.org/aboutthiswebsite>.
  * There is an openEHR Twitter identity <https://twitter.com/openehr>,
    which gets quite a lot of useful stuff on it
      o note that the Twitter feeds on the home page are a bit smarter
        than just @openehr (they catch #openehr, #CKM and a few other
  * There is a FaceBook page
    although it's not yet clear how we are using this as a community
  * CKM <http://www.openehr.org/ckm/> is now running on a new hosted server.

Hopefully some of these efforts are starting to serve the community 
better. There is always a lot more to do of course. Please post 
suggestions on the lists, to the webmaster 
<mailto:webmaster at openehr.org>, for for the website, on the Git tracker 

- thomas beale

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