[openEHR-announce] openEHR roadmap meeting Sep 2014

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at oceaninformatics.com
Mon Jul 28 06:08:34 EDT 2014

This is to announce a face to face openEHR 2014 roadmap meeting in Oslo 
aimed at kick-starting the roadmap for specifications, implementation, 
clinical model development, and particularly, the overall platform 
vision for the next 18 months or so. See the link for full meeting details.

DIPS asa, a major Norwegian EHR vendor and openEHR implementer has very 
kindly agreed to host the meeting at their Oslo offices. Obviously we 
can't fit everyone into the room - there are 40 places total, so there 
is a booking system (free of course) at the above link.

Who is the meeting for?

  * primarily for *people and organisations who are directly involved in
    implementation and / or the clinical modelling* effort. You may have
    noticed on the website <http://www.openehr.org/>that a number of
    companies who have invested and continue to invest into openEHR are
    now featured. These companies have built and supplied real openEHR
    systems to real clinical & secondary use customers
    <http://www.openehr.org/who_is_using_openehr/>. They also agreed in
    2013 to create an Industry partners group which will supply some
    funding to keep openEHR going.
  * anyone from another *company using openEHR*, please come to the
    meeting, and secondly, consider joining openEHR as an Industry Partner.
  * anyone from a *health provider or government organisation*, please
    also consider coming or participating online.
  * anyone from an *academic organisation *working with openEHR.

Many of you won't be able to physically get to this meeting. Don't 
worry! There will be other meetings (we hope around 3 per year) in 
various places, and we hope that local openEHR affiliates will start to 
run meetings.

In preparation for this meeting, we will run some teleconf calls during 
August, which will be open to anyone, in which you can propose topics 
for the meeting, make requests etc. You are also invited to post on the 
lists and in particular, add to the meeting wiki pages 
requests and suggestions. Each major topic area for the meeting has its 
own page, so you can add material in whichever place is most relevant.

The *concrete outcomes *of the meeting are intended to include:

  * updated governance documents
  * updated specification Jira project, release timeline, commencement
    of active work
  * clinical models delivery project roadmap
  * concrete ideas and updates on working with other groups such as
    CEN/ISO 13606, Contsys, CIMI, HL7 FHIR, OMG HDTF and CDISC.org.

To be relevant and useful, we need your input, so please make your 
interests known.

- organising committee

Tomas Nordheim Alme
Ian McNicoll
Tomaz Gornik
Thomas Beale
Adriana Danilakova
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