[openEHR-announce] RM Release 1.0.3 is published

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at openehr.org
Tue Dec 15 17:47:58 EST 2015

Release 1.0.3 of the Reference Model (RM), and what we now call the 
'Base' specifications (BASE) is now online. The latter contains the 
Architecture Overview and other generic specifications.

You can find the links from the home page Specifications button as 
usual, and you will see a new jump page:

The main part of the page contains links to the latest development state 
of each component (RM, AM, etc).

Release-1.0.3 has taken a while to get out, as there was a backlog of 
problems and we have converted the publishing tools over to Asciidoctor. 
You can see the changes and problems closed via the jira links on the RM 
Release-1.0.3 index page 
<http://www.openehr.org/releases/RM/Release-1.0.3/docs/index> (including 
many long discussions in the comments sections of the PRs and CRs).

Thanks to everyone on the Specifications Editorial Committee 
<http://www.openehr.org/programs/specification/editorialcommittee> for 
working on this release.

This is just the beginning, since now the specifications are arranged in 
independent components. You will see a slew of releases in the next few 
weeks, including

  * ITS - the Implementation Technology Specifications (XSDs etc);
  * the openEHR Terminology;
  * an official release of the Archetype Model containing the new AOM2
    and ADL2 and related specifications;
  * an official release of the new QUERY component, containing the AQL

The current working state of all of these is visible from the 
specifications releases page 
<http://www.openehr.org/programs/specification/releases/> or the left 
side menu on the current releases page 
<http://www.openehr.org/programs/specification/releases/currentbaseline>, as 
shown above.

- thomas

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