[openEHR-announce] Voting for the openEHR Management Board is now open

sam.heard at openehrfoundation.org sam.heard at openehrfoundation.org
Mon Feb 2 07:04:49 EST 2015

Hi Everyone

The elections for the Management Board are now open. We are very fortunate now to have members from more than 40 countries and 7 candidates for the two Individual Member positions.

If you are a member,  please go to the following page to register your vote:


If you are not yet a member, please go to http://members.openehr.org and Join. You will be able to vote after your membership is approved. Being a member is cheap (15 Euro) and allows us to contact you. Apart from your voting rights, members will increasingly form the community of openEHR as collaborative work grows in complexity and organisation becomes more important.

Looking forward to 2015.

Sincerely, Sam Heard
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