[openEHR-announce] Last Chance to Vote for the Management Board

sam.heard at openehrfoundation.org sam.heard at openehrfoundation.org
Mon Feb 23 05:45:42 EST 2015

Hi All

I have written to all the members to remind them that this is the last week to vote (Election closes on the 28th Feb 2015). 

We have a very strong list of candidates and you can vote for 2 of these to take a leadership role in the future of openEHR. The candidates have written a brief description of themselves here:


You need to be a member to vote so please join if you have not already done so - 15 Euros is a small commitment to make to promote our collective work. Go to http://members.openehr.org and follow the links to Join Now.

To vote for the Individual Member candidates you must go to:


Please take the trouble to (join and) vote if you have not already done so. We will announce the new Management Board in the first week of March.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Sam Heard
Chairman, openEHR Foundation
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