[openEHR-announce] Update on Nominations and Elections - Please join now and take part

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Mon Jan 12 06:44:12 EST 2015

Dear All

I hope you are having a good 2015! I am sure everyone in Europe is profoundly effected by events in Paris and we have been thinking of you all. Australia has had a taste of acts to cause offense and reaction - but not on this scale. 

Thank you to all those who have joined the Foundation so far. The Foundation is now supporting the hosting of the openEHR website and CKM. We have 50 members! We are hoping for 100 or more for the voting process in February.

The current openEHR Management Board nominees and their statements can be found at:


We will be using the membership software to collect votes as well which will be registered through the event process but not be visible. It might be a little clunky but it will ensure only members vote and they can only vote once. I ask for your tolerance as we get into this new role.

I have also posted on the members site the process that we plan to follow. This can be found at:


The Board and Industry Partner representatives will meet tomorrow night to finalise arrangements. I will notify you if there are any changes.

If you want to support the Foundation and take part in the voting and other key activities, please join at:


Cheers, Sam

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