[openEHR-announce] openEHR Foundation Management Board elections Feb 2015

Ian McNicoll ian at freshehr.com
Thu Jan 22 04:41:34 EST 2015

Hi Einar,

The intention is to allow Members who join before the Election closing
date to be able to vote.

In other words the deadline for joining, if you wish to vote, is up to
and including 28th February.

It is only 15 Euros - why wait ? ;-)

I would really urge people to sign up and vote. This is a very
significant change in the way that openEHR operates.

Broad input from the community via a strong voting membership who have
an interest in, or make use of openEHR resources, will give the new
Management Board a powerful mandate to drive things forward in line
with community thinking, including further constitutional change if
that seems helpful.

Thanks to Industry support we now have a bit of seed funding which, if
accompanied by visibly improved governance, should attract even more
resource, in-kind or otherwise.

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On 22 January 2015 at 06:49, Fosse Einar <Einar.Fosse at unn.no> wrote:
> As to being able to participate in the election Feb 2015, Is there any deadline for becoming a openEHR Foundation Member? Will individuals who become members during the voting period also be able to vote?
> Einar
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> Emne: [openEHR-announce] openEHR Foundation Management Board elections Feb 2015
> Individual members of the openEHR Foundation will elect two members of the new Management Board in an election to be held throughout February 2015.
> In parallel, our industry partners will elect two representatives from among their number.
> The openEHR Foundation, which is a not-for-profit Company registered in London, will thereafter, for the first time, operate as a trading entity, in line with the new governance arrangements that have been agreed.
> The individual membership currently comprises citizens of some 20
> countries: Argentina,  Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, UK, USA.
> We know that there have long been active list participants, and observers of the lists, in some 80 countries. We wish to extend a warm invitation to all of you who may be considering joining, to do so now, ahead of the election.
> The procedure for joining as an individual or Industry partner member is set out at http://members.openehr.org/join-us.
> Further details of membership arrangements can be found at http://openehr.org/about/membership
> If you have already joined, please encourage colleagues to join, as well. If you are from a country other than one listed above, please sign up as the first individual member from that country!
> Sam Heard, Chairperson of the Interim Board
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