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Mon Jan 26 06:27:10 EST 2015

Hi All

We now have more nominations than positions for both the Individual Members and the Industry Partners. Nominations close on the 31st Jan 2015 and voting will begin the following day. How to vote will be clearly visible from the http://members.openehr.org area. 

The nominees can be seen with a short position statement at:


We hope to have 100 voting members at the time of the election - we have over 50 already. You will be able to join up at the site right up until the day before voting closes. A number of us will be monitoring the site to approve new members - a step which is required by the software we are using. So don’t leave it too late.

Each individual member will be able to vote for 2 candidates. You will be asked for a first preference and second preference. Votes will count equally except in the case that two candidates have the same number of votes for the second position (the people with the second and third highest number of votes). In this case the candidate with the higher number of first preferences will be elected.

As openEHR is becoming more popular, an active group managing the collaboration and assets is very important. We also need your 15 Euro contribution (or any larger donations you would like to make) to support our website and servers.

I will send out an email with the links to voting on the 1st Feb 2015. Please join now and take a role in the future of openEHR.

Cheers, Sam Heard

Chairperson of Interim Board.
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