[openEHR-announce] Seeking views on proposed governance changes.

Ian McNicoll ian.mcnicoll at openehr.org
Thu Jan 5 02:46:10 EST 2017

We are writing jointly, on behalf of the openEHR Foundation Board of
Governors and its elected Management Board, to seek your views on plans we
have been developing together, to further support and enhance openEHR as a
self-governing and legally and financially accountable community.

We have already given subscribing members an opportunity to review these
proposals but are keen to get broader community feedback.

The openEHR Foundation was established in 2002 and operated since then as
part of the health informatics academic mission of UCL. Two years ago a
Management Board was established based on a model of subscribing members
and industry partner organisations with voting rights, and with delegated
authority to run openEHR operations, with minimal overview from the
Foundation Board of Governors.

Over the past year, the Board of Governors has convened a small working
group, to work with the Management Board and draw up a blueprint for
further steps towards community governance of openEHR.

The outline of the proposal is that the current Management Board evolves
into a formal not-for-profit organisation and will sit alongside UCL as a
member organisation of the openEHR Foundation.

This new not-for-profit would undertake all of current responsibilities of
the current Management Board, but also include the current trading
arrangements and legal accountability of the Foundation.

The Foundation will from then on solely concern itself with protection of
openEHR IP and cease to be a trading entity.  In accordance with the
founding principles of the Foundation, you can be assured that openEHR IP
will continue to be rigorously protected and continue to be openly and
freely available.

The new arrangement will be kept under review over its first two years and
any further changes deemed desirable or necessary will be consulted on at
that stage.

The Document that sets out the background and proposal in more detail is
available to VIEW HERE

Our aim is to institute the changes before the end of the current financial
year, which is March 30th 2017.

Please feedback any comments via comms at openehr.org

Many thanks to you all,

David Ingram and Ian McNicoll
openEHR Board of Governors / Management Board
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