[openEHR-announce] openEHR Management Board Election June 2018

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openEHR Management Board Election June 2018


As agreed with the openEHR Board of Governors, two of the existing openEHR Management Board  positions are now up for election with voting open to all paid Individual and Industry Partner members.


The call for nominations <http://members.openehr.org/page-18074>  is for two Management Board positions; one to represent Individual Members, one to represent Industry Partners.


The Board of Governors and Management Board would like to warmly thank the two current Board members who are stepping down, Dr Rong Chen (Industry Partners) and Dr Koray Atalag (Individual Members), for their very significant contributions to the Board over the last 2 years, and longstanding support for openEHR.


The other two Management Board positions, currently held by Dr Ian McNicoll (Individual members) and Tomaž Gornik (Industry Partners) will come up for election at the end of 2018 to allow some continuity as we transition to the new Community Interest Company (CiC). This process is now well under way and expected to be complete during Q3-4 of 2018.



If you are not currently a paid-up member and wish to vote, you will need to ensure that your current membership is paid or that you move to Individual or Industry Partner membership by upgrading your membership level.  If a non-member would like to vote we invite them to join us HERE <http://members.openehr.org/join-us/> . The cost is only €15.00 for Individual Membership, which entitles you to vote and helps support the work of the Foundation particularly the Specification groups and clinical modellers.


Call for nominations for 2 elected Management Board positions (5 June 2018 to 22 June 2018)

Nominees must:

*	Be signed up as an Individual Member of the Foundation or be an employee of a current Industry Partner.
*	Provide the name of a current Individual Member or Industry Partner Member who will support their nomination. This is intended purely to discourage frivolous nominations and members may support multiple nominations if they wish.
*	Choose whether they wish to be nominated to be elected to an Individual Member or Industry Partner position.
*	Provide a brief bio and position statement.


Nominations can be made here <http://members.openehr.org/event-2941835> 


The list of current nominees and position statements will be posted will be circulated to the lists on a weekly basis and re-posted on the main openEHR.org website.


Election period (23 June 2018 to 13th July 2018)

At the onset of the election period, nominees will be offered the opportunity to pass, via the Board of Governors, a single position statement for publication on the openehr-announce list.  The text should not be greater than 500 words. 


Any questions raised by community members in response to these statements should be answered via the openehr-technical and openehr-clinical lists. 


*	Voting will take place by email over a three-week period from 23rd June 2018 to the 13th July 2018. 
*	Each registered Individual Member will be asked to vote for up to two candidates who have nominated to represent Individual Members, expressing a first and second preference.
*	Each registered Industry Member (company) will be asked to vote for up to two candidates who have nominated to represent Industry Members, expressing a first and second preference.


After the election is closed, the votes will be counted by three members of the current Board of Governors and a tally agreed.  In the event of a tie (and only in the event of a tie) the second preferences of each voter will be taken into account. In the very unlikely event that the election is still tied, the Board of Governors will have a casting vote.


The result will be communicated to registered members by the 18th July 2018.


Once the new Management Board positions have been accepted and confirmed, the results will be announced to the full community via the openEHR lists and main website.


on behalf of  <http://www.openehr.org/> openEHR Foundation Management Board

 <https://twitter.com/openehr> @openehr

 <mailto:comms at openEHR.org> comms at openEHR.org




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