ADL workbench beta 8 release

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Thu Aug 2 08:22:51 EDT 2012

After the previous beta release, a sufficiently large number of bug 
fixes and visual improvements 
were made to justify another beta before the editor release. We also 
fixed some of the problems logged on the problem tracker 
<>. Plus there are some new 
educational videos. See the ADL Workbench home page 

This tool remains a fairly technical tool, but many of the visual 
changes are to make the rendering as friendly as possible to clinical 
users, and anyone wanting the 'domain view' of things. For example, when 
you open an archetype, it now appears in a view not dissimilar to that 
used by archetype editor tools. Make sure to turn 'RM icons' on in the 

We have fixed some problems with the Windows installer, and are working 
on a friendlier installer for MacOS to get around the difficulties with GTK.

As always, please log problems here 

- thomas

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