Yet another OBSERVATION vs. EVALUATION issue

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Hi Koray,


Some of the latest versions of existing archetypes might suit your purpose -
the most recent are currently on the NEHTA CKM and we are looking to
transport them across to the openEHR CKM.


More details below.


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There's a CVD risk assessment tool I'm working on which prepopulates
clinical info from GP software. This includes diagnoses

[HL>] EVALUATION.problem_diagnosis -


, smoking status

[HL>] EVALUATION.tobacco_use_summary -


and checklist for certain medications

[HL>] ACTION.medication -


. Note that some of the underlying info might be coming from previous visits
(e.g. problem list type) but also can be newly entered as a result of GP's
assessment. Now, regardless of what happens in GP software, when it is
transferred onto this tool (whether automatically prepopulating and/or
manual entry) are these Observations or Evaluations? 

[HL>] If you see this work as part of a broader ecosystem of data and this
could be extended, the data re-used etc, then I'd strongly advise that you
use the existing archetypes as described above. This is clearly the ideal
situation and recommended from a  pure modelling perspective, maximising the
opportunity to re-use or re-purpose or extend data in the future.


Note that the GP does not make any further clinical judgement here, just
rephrase existing data for a different purpose. My gut feeling is the former

[HL>] The actual recording of risk itself will be captured using an
EVALUATION - where the evidence from multiple sources is synthesized and an
expression of risk is calculated or stated. There is a very early archetype
- EVALUATION.risk - - on
the openEHR CKM that probably needs to be modified, but gives you a sense of
the likely structure. It has long been on my mind to scope out the 'risk
ecosystem' and devise a generic risk model, probably much as you see it now,
but with a more generic index data element (ie take away 'condition') and
probably some related specialisations for Risk of Condition etc. Yet to be
determined, I'm afraid.


Hope this helps


I know this is tricky and has been brought to this list many times here but
thoughts? Masters?





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