Yet another OBSERVATION vs. EVALUATION issue

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In the EN13606 Association in our SIAMS document we developed a generic semantic patterns that drives all artefacts,
One of the sub-patterns is to document a semi-quantitative result.
This semi-quantitative result is to document all 'severity' type of things.
Always these semi-quantitative things (Severities) are defined in a specific context.
So each semi-quantitative semantic sub-pattern allows one to include inclusion and exclusion criteria for each entry in the semantic ordinal sub-pattern.

And yes, these sub-patterns always are Cluster Models.

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On 15 Aug 2012, at 10:19, Shinji KOBAYASHI wrote:

> Hi Gerald,
> Completely agree with controversy in RISK evaluation.
> I have similar experience on SEVERITY evaluation.
> openEHR-EHR-problem-diagnosis archetype has severity metrics,
> but it does not fit for various evaluation criteria.
> I specialized to have a 'severity detail' slot to apply various severity
> criteria for many diseases.
> As Risk evaluation depends on cases, we need to develop cluster to
> express such risk evaluation models on demand.
> Regards,
> Shinji

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