Yet another OBSERVATION vs. EVALUATION issue

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I think we agree.
Read below.


On 17 Aug 2012, at 16:05, Stefan Sauermann wrote:

> This is deeply philosophic, but if you want it you get it:
> ;)


> The fact that a smoker within a given population develops cancer is an observation.

But not in the context of the documentation of the care provided.
Based on these facts that are read  the Healthcare provider gets knowledge that he uses to interpret the risks for the patient he is caring for,
He makes a statement about the risks for that patient based on his information inside his head.
Optionally he might refer to this knowledge via semantic links indicating why he is of that opinion.

> The fact that n smokers within a given population develop cancer is an observation.
> So: some elements used for risk evaluation are observations.
> I would agree that "Risk" as a whole is an evaluation.

That is correct because it is an inference about the patient system based on facts.

> Decisions of medical users do not depend on the fact that an item is classified as "observation" or "evaluation".

Any thing that might be of relevenace is OK

> Users need to know how the content they see on the screen was generated.
That is why via semantic links ('because of ...') he is able to document his reasons.

> Systems need to be able to tell the story of every item of information they show on screens. A single "label" on an element within an archetype does not provide this story. There need to be additional measures. I guess it makes sense to focus on these.

The patient story is the collection of facts/events that were documented with all the semantic links.
Like in ontologies it is 'the graph' that tells the story.

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