Yet another OBSERVATION vs. EVALUATION issue

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Sat Aug 18 04:51:30 EDT 2012

Hi Stefan

The scope of openEHR is the health record. With that in mind things are 
a little simpler....

On 17/08/2012 11:35 PM, Stefan Sauermann wrote:
> This is deeply philosophic, but if you want it you get it:
> ;)
> The fact that a smoker within a given population develops cancer is an 
> observation.
This may appear in a person's health record but not in this form - 
rather the smoking record and the diagnosis
> The fact that n smokers within a given population develop cancer is an 
> observation.
This will not form part of a person's health record but it is knowledge 
that is useful in risk assessment
> So: some elements used for risk evaluation are observations.
I dont think this is true within a health record - it is always a risk 
to start to feel that you are modelling health and healthcare.

Cheers, Sam
> Hope this helps,
> greetings from Vienna,
> Stefan
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> Am 14.08.2012 18:41, schrieb Thomas Beale:
>> whenever you assess someone as having a risk, you are doing something 
>> similar to diagnosing: i.e. you are comparing some input data items 
>> about the patient (high BPs over last 3 months, smoker, 55years old 
>> etc) to some knowledge base that says that these things taken 
>> together constitute a risk for hypertension, due to some population 
>> studies. Any probability etc is derived from that knowledge base. So 
>> these are all evaluations.
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