Yet another OBSERVATION vs. EVALUATION issue

Karsten Hilbert Karsten.Hilbert at
Mon Aug 20 10:30:34 EDT 2012

> and panic attacks/hyper ventilation. These were my inferences about the
> process inside the patient system.
> > Only one was true and had to found out via trial and error diagnostics
> and trial treatments. I fear that the best we can do in most circumstances
> (as GP) is to code 'Reasons for ..' and do not use the word diagnosis too
> often.
> Isn't that what we call 'differential diagnosis'?
> Anyhow. I agree that these DD or reasons for should be seperated and
> clearly distinctable from the 'final' diangosis, preferably based on facts and
> deduction.

"final" diagnoses mainly exist with the field of pathology/the coroners


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