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Wed Aug 22 14:50:01 EDT 2012

On 22/08/2012 08:56, Stefan Sauermann wrote:
> Agree.
> My preception is that the people in this community share a common 
> vision of doing this on the openEHR platform, within CKM. That is fine 
> and there is hope.
> I have the feeling, that the people in this community think in many 
> different usecases. We seem to be talking about different flavours of 
> similar things without explicitly stating which flavour is actually 
> meant. This makes harmonisation very hard.
> Would it be reasonable to establish usecases in order to promote more 
> focussed sub-discussions?

yes. I am looking into upgrading the wiki so it is better organised, and 
we can create a place to describe or refer to use cases.

> I am happy to engage in a "pathology report content" use case effort, 
> should anybody wish to join.
> On behalf of the national EHR effort we are running a group of users 
> and vendors, so we get heavy, national scale engagement from very high 
> ranking experts. I also have a contracted team here, supporting and 
> documenting the discussion into a guideline document. I would have to 
> check with the bosses, but I guess they might be nudged to agree that 
> we could also capture the results of our discussion into the tools you 
> suggest (if the effort is manageable). Austria is using CDA as 
> transport format but that is another issue.  It does not keep us from 
> a useful technology-independent content discussion in this community.
> Of course we would need help from others who are more experienced in 
> the tools and philosophy of archetypes.
> This may also generate some input into the 13606 revision that is on 
> the move.


- thomas

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