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Those who are UK-based might find this of interest + remote access may
be available

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HANDI – SMART Platform and OpenEHR – Meeting 11th July

This meeting has been arranged at short notice to present these two
open technologies and discuss how they might be used together to
support the App ecosystem with a view to further work in the Autumn

There will be the opportunity for remote participation – Using NHS
Social the new collaboration tool from Details will
be sent to those who register for remote participation.

SMART Platform is a US Government funded
open source initiative, spearheaded by Harvard Medical School, that
provides a means by which EHR systems can be extended and accessed by
third-party applications. SMART defines a set of technical and API
standards that are independent of the underlying systems. “SMART
containers” have already been produced for a number of EHR and PHR,
and an ecosystem of SMART apps that can access such EHRs is already
beginning to develop in the US.

OpenEHR  is a project of the not-for-profit OpenEHR
foundation and is about creating specifications, open source software
and tools for a health care interoperability platform. In the clinical
space, it is about creating high-quality, re-usable clinical models of
content and process – known as archetypes – along with formal
interfaces to terminology. Systems based on OpenEHR which, draws
heavily on the European standard CEN13606, have been implemented in a
number of countries and OpenEHR’s standard for clinical models ADL has
be adopted by CIMI
together work in the HL7 and OpenEHR communities.  Also look at
openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager at

Those behind SMART and OpenEHR have had some previous discussions on
possible opportunities for collaboration which HANDI is keen to

This meeting will include expert presentation of the two technologies
and an opportunity to explore their further use in the UK and/or
possible collaboration at a global level.


Sorry for cross-posting but I think this is of potential interest to
both technical and clinical audiences.


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