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Mon Jul 9 11:15:48 EDT 2012

Hi Bert,
Take a look at this as a reference:

Regarding your question, I think the current specification for AQL does not
discuss what would happen if an abstract type is used. In your case, you're
talking about using DataValue in the FROM section of query, but then you
can only select parts or constraint features of the type DataValue, which
would not really help you. imagine having something like:

select dv/..../ ->(what? dv has no attributes)
from DataValue dv <CONTAINS statement here, but CONTAINS what? dv has no
WHERE dv/.../... (some criteria for dv, but what? it has no attributes :) )

Unless my understanding of AQL fails me here, you can get all datavalue
instances if you don't introduce any criteria at WHERE clause and in
SELECT, but that is all. In any implementation, that would be a big set of
data, which you'd have to downcast in your own implementation and apply
filters.. Would you like to discuss your use case in more detail?

People who know AQL better than me, please do not hesitate to educate me...


On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 3:52 PM, Bert Verhees <bert.verhees at rosa.nl> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a small question. I want to translate a HL7 ANY type to an
> OpenEHR-RM-type, and use the abstract type DataValue.
> I wonder how this will be handled in AQL.
> How do you query a type of which you don't know even the type of? Or is it
> possible to query the type of a DataValue in AQL?
> I am sorry that I am not very familiar with the detailed aspects of
> AQL-specifications.
> In fact, are there specifications published?
> So, it became two small questions
> Thanks for any help
> Bert
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