HL7 ANY type

Bert Verhees bert.verhees at rosa.nl
Mon Jul 9 17:41:59 EDT 2012

Op 09-07-2012 17:15, Seref Arikan schreef:
> implementation, that would be a big set of data, which you'd have to 
> downcast in your own implementation and apply filters.. Would you like 
> to discuss your use case in more detail? 
Hi Seref,

Thanks for your interest.

The use case is about, that we need to write a set of archetypes which 
is usable as datastorage for a HL7 VMR-model in a decision-system. In 
this model, there is an ObservationResult with type ANY to hold the 
The only query-able solution we can find is to specialize the archetype 
to common situations. We have, for example an ObservationResult related 
to pregnancy, in a specialized archetype.
Depending on the kind of DataValue, there are other attributes.

The customers/users, however are not happy with this. They wonder how it 
is be done in HL7, of they have the same problem. I don't know, does 
someone know?

What would be a good solution, it would be good also if AQL had a 
solution to query the type of a datavalue, and than it would be possible 
to query the value, depending on the type, there would be another 
attribute to query.

Someone has an answer/suggestion to this?

Bert Verhees

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