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Hi everyone, greetings from the South Pacific winter!

As you may also know New Zealand also have recently recommended (Reference Architecture for Interoperability - a national standard<> now) using openEHR Archetypes to build clinical content models. We will use top level subject areas of ASTM CCR standard to organise individual archetypes required for health information exchange (HIE). Essentially we will be using CKM (preferably using the Aussie's CKM instance<> and developing content collaboratively - TBD) for governing the Content which will be designated as the single source of truth for all HIE. We are also exploring the ways which we can generate, preferably automatically by XSL tansforms, downstream wire-format artefacts, such as CDA for payload. And we are setting ourselves as the New Zealand openEHR gang under HL7 NZ.

Two weeks ago, during Ed Hammond's visit<> to us at the University of Auckland, we organised a satellite openEHR Workshop<> where Heather and Hugh presented full day to a highly interested and targeted group of 25. When Heather was showing the CKM user statistics I reckon it was only 4 from NZ but when I look now it is 19! Some of these people called and asked how best they could contribute, especially clinicians. This is a great opportunity. Obviously it is now our responsibility to shoulder tap people and encourage to become Editors and reviewers. I'll do exactly that now and encourage you all to do so.

Heather and Ian I think we should have a common landing page to facilitate this call - perhaps a wiki page? The Modelling Program Web (TODO) is another option.



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Dear Heather,

as you know Brazil has chosen openEHR as the model to represent clinical knowledge and that Brazilian association of medical informatics is in a process of hosting a healthcare content knowledge artifacts repository  to be used in this and other EHR projects in Brazil. In order to do have a well controlled environment,  we´re going to  create a methodology for the governance of the whole process of publishing of archetypes and other artifacts like term sets. One of the mains issues for us is to define clear rules for  editing rights and  roles: who can add content, make submissions,  can edit exiting entries or reformulate content. We want that all artifacts undergo a process of quality assurance and be certified by the clinical community ( medical societies).

We intend also to provide training to healthcare professionals to be skilled editors and mentors in the process of creating and implementing them, in the same way IHTSDO is doing to help to build capacity  to extend and to enhance both quality as also the capabilities of Snomed- Ct. All these activities were described  in the clinical content program mind map that we discussed recently and now that we have at least a new volunteer I think it´s time to schedule a webconference among us.


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Dear Heather:

Just in time for your email to arrive. I have finally had the chance to show the dean of the School of Medicine,  the benefits of adopting OpenEHR as a project  to be implemented by our University.

We have 6 public provincial hospitals (400 beds each) that serves our students. I´ll be implementing a EHR in one of them. I have been committing a small task force to begin modelling archetypes.

I´ll be happy to assist as a CKM editor as well. Please let me know how I can further help.

Dr. Domingo Liotta (h)

Director Cátedra Abierta
de Bienestar Médica, Universidad de Morón<>

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