CEN TC 251 newsletter - aiming for harmonisation of 13606 / openEHR / CDA

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at oceaninformatics.com
Sat Jul 14 07:02:11 EDT 2012

Some interesting statements in what appears to be the first CEN TC251 
'newsletter' (available here 
<http://www.ehealth-interop.nen.nl/publicaties/5092&details=true>) [my 

      Electronic Health Records come of age: 13606

The first ever EHR architecture was standardised in CEN TC251 as ENV 
12265 in 1996. It is
now better known as 13606. In 2012, the 4th revision is now underway as 
a joint initiative
between CEN TC251 and ISO. *The scope of 13606 is to remain unchanged; 
it is designed to
exchange part or all of a health record between different manufacturer's 
systems*, and to do
so safely, without loss of meaning and without loss of any original context.

As requirements become clearer and specifications become more mature, 
*it is intended that
the new revision of 13606 will be harmonised with both CDA and openEHR*. 
The explicit
mandate to the project team is to remove the confusion currently present 
in the market
place. Building upon the considerable implementation experience, the 
revision of all 5 parts
is expected to use a workable subset of the ISO data types, and to 
provide a leaner solution.

- thomas
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