Saving tresholds in archetypes

Kevin Keene kevin at
Wed Nov 14 08:01:59 EST 2012

Hi all,

I am rather new to OpenEHR and archetypes. Most of the concept is
clear to me, but I have a small question at this moment.

We have to deal with parameters that have tresholds( for
decision-support). Those threshold-parameters can differ per patient.

I came to the following construct.

Is it a good solution to create a COMPOSITION-archetype, with in that two
- An OBSERVATION-archetype containing the definition for the
- An EVALUATION-archetype which contains
--- the diagnoses/conclusion which can be derived from the comparison
with the thresholds-parameters.
--- the thresholds (which can differ per patient) to which the
measurement-results are compared with

Or should I store the thresholds via another archetype in a separate

Or are there more valid solutions?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Kind regards
Kevin Keene

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