openEHR members, who we are?

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Hello Pablo:

Sorry I didnt completely read your email. Just followed the line 

Functionality: I have had some progress this year. Im now working at the School of Medicine, University of Morón Argentina as Director of Clinical Informatics. The position allows me to teach about hospital systems to our grade students in our 5 careers. Also de to establish reseach groups that may be usefull to advance openEHR in the region.

I have also been invited by PaHO/OMS to integrate the eHealth Conversations a series of workshops to apply eHealth in Americas

I´m quiet on the lists but still moving my friend

Seen you soon in Buenos Aires


From: pablo pazos 
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012 8:46 PM
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Subject: openEHR members, who we are?

Hi all, 

I'm preparing a presentation about openEHR for an event in Argentina:

I'm wondering if there's any way to know how many openEHR members we are and from what countries. On the CKM I know there is such functionality, but is there any way to get that information from the openEHR mail lists too?

BTW, I was invited by HL7 Argentina and I hope this could open new collaboration opportunities for both communities in South America.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,
Ing. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez

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