openEHR members, who we are?

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Dear Pablo,

I used to look at the openEHR web site stats once in  a while, when I hosted everything locally at UCL for many years. They fluctuated from thousands of visits a day to a few hundred, depending on things we and other organisations were doing at the time - and the time of year, of course. In these reports one could distinguish the country from where the enquiry came - about 80 in all. A large preponderance of visits from N America was always very noticeable, which was not mirrored in contributions on the lists, which was interesting. The total numbers registered on all the lists was around 1000 at the time I last asked my web manager - a year or two back.

There were sudden peaks in access to the repositories containing the specifications and software - a mysterious caller from Romania pretty was seldom off the site for several months, I remember! The Google and other search engine hits for the term openEHR also lifted off and then fluctuated quite strikingly. I think all these sorts of numbers are only qualitative guides, though. In general, take the square root of any of them and you're more likely to be close to a measure of active practical engagement!  I interpret them anecdotally as evidence that  many are interested, quite a large number are following actively, and relatively few, still (as ever!), are actively engaged and working on the cause. A not insignificant number are actively working against the openEHR cause, of course, so we need supporters who we know are there to be a bit more vocal, sometimes! I tend to agree, though, that we shouldn't really require any information from anyone, other than the means to keep in touch if they register on the lists. If needed, I am sure an optional on-line survey asking people to register interest and concerns, could be hosted.

I think the CKM data is  pretty indicative of active interest in clinical content modelling. In a similar way, the Opereffa open source software that Seref made available was downloaded about 1000 times in about 70 countries. It has cropped up in other people's work, all over the place, but not yet, I understand, resulted in any code extensions or improvements being added or offered back, open source.

Thank you for all your energies and enthusiasm, as always, Pablo. We hope to see you in London, soon.

Best wishes,
David Ingram

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Hi all,

Ian, it could be nice to have the posibility of registering more information (optional) when registering in the lists (e.g. country & occupation).

For now I will use CKM statistics as Sebastian suggests.

Thanks a lot

BTW, the presentation will be available at my slideshare account:

Kind regards,
Ing. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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Hi Pablo,

I would suggest the following as an estimate:
Take the distribution of the countries from CKM ( assuming that it likely will be similar to the actual distribution.
(The distribution is calculated on the fly and the page may take a little while to display).

Then list the total number of members from each the clinical, technical, announcement lists (maybe other lists as well) as well the total number of registered users in CKM.

For CKM, I was quite surprised to see (hadn't looked for a while) that we have 988 registered users from 79 different countries.
(Of course, not every registered user is active in CKM, but on the other hand, you don't need to register at all to get a lot of the functionality provided by CKM.)

In combination, this should provide you with a good overview of the community.


On 16.11.2012 09:10, Ian McNicoll wrote:

Hi Pablo,

This is a good idea.Unfortunately we only store members names and

email addresses as part of the list. In many cases the email address

is unhelpful in determining the location of the member. There are

currently 428 members on the clinical list. So far we have resisted

the idea of a more formal membership list with other member details

but perhaps this is something that should be reconsidered.


On 15 November 2012 23:46, pablo pazos <pazospablo at><mailto:pazospablo at> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm preparing a presentation about openEHR for an event in Argentina:

I'm wondering if there's any way to know how many openEHR members we are and

from what countries. On the CKM I know there is such functionality, but is

there any way to get that information from the openEHR mail lists too?

BTW, I was invited by HL7 Argentina and I hope this could open new

collaboration opportunities for both communities in South America.

Thanks a lot.


Kind regards,

Ing. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez





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