Clinical modelling workshop at Medinfo?

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Wed Nov 28 00:07:01 EST 2012

Hi everyone,


Shinji has kick-started a wiki page to support the proposed developer's
workshop at Medinfo in Copenhagen next year -


Deadline for submissions is December 10, I believe.


Who would like to be involved in the development of a Clinical Workshop?


I have no guarantee and only a small likelihood of being able to attend,
given the distance :)


I'd suggest it being along the lines of an introduction to openEHR modelling
still. Whenever we run these courses at conferences or privately they
usually very well attended. I don't think we should focus much on more
advanced ideas - Ian and I ran an "advanced" workshop at MIE in Pisa in
August, focusing on the ins and outs of clinical knowledge governance, which
we thought topical, but most of the audience were absolute newcomers and we
had to tone it down and simplify in mid-workshop.






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