Best type for encoded values including "other" (implying free text)

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Wed Oct 3 06:06:10 EDT 2012

On 03/10/2012 10:43, Athanasios Anastasiou wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I have come across this situation where one of the fields i need to 
> describe in an archetype (Residence Status) contains 8 strictly 
> encoded values, one of which is "Other" implying that besides the 
> encoded values, free-text would also be acceptable.

the first thing I would check is whether that is actually true - or if 
'other' is just another code, and there is no expectation of expressing 
the actual value separately. Because in the first 7 cases, the data 
structure is

     value = <"code description for 1234567">
     defining_code = <
         terminology_id = <"residence_status_codes"> -- or whatever it is
         code_string = <"1234567">

(assuming you want the code rubric to be available), and in the 8th, if 
you want an actual value, it is

in the 8th case, you are implying it is something like:

*    free_text_value = <"some other kind of residence status">*
     value = <"other">
     defining_code = <
         terminology_id = <"residence_status_codes"> -- or whatever it is
         code_string = <"99999">

which doesn't really work. You would need two data points to do this 
properly in an archetype, so no tool is going to be able to do this job 
with a single data point (i.e. a single DV_TEXT or DV_CODED_TEXT).

Now, I realise that the situation as you describe it probably is a 
relatively common pattern, and there is probably an argument for making 
the archetype editor support it in a way that allows the user to just 
specify it in a logical way, and the editor creates the appropriate 
constraints on two data points to cover the 'other' case. It's not a 
completely obvious construct however, since for the other 7 codes, you 
only need one data point; the free text one is left empty.

- thomas

> I am a bit puzzled as to how to represent this through the archetype 
> editor and would appreciate your help with the following:
> *) The type is clearly DV_TEXT ("free text or encoded")
> *) DV_TEXT does not allow one to constrain the encoded part ("internal 
> codes") through the archetype editor (i think)
> *) DV_CODED_TEXT is a descendant of DV_TEXT
> *) DV_CODED_TEXT has stricter semantics than DV_TEXT
> 1) If this was declared as DV_TEXT "free text or encoded" how can one 
> constrain its content? (Through the archetype editor)
> 2) If this was declared as DV_CODED_TEXT, should "other" be part of 
> the "internal codes" in a DV_CODED_TEXT? (I am not sure this would be 
> right because in this case, you can't store the actual free-text 
> "value" anywhere. The "value" of this will be "other")
> 3) Is this situation expected to be resolved at the template level? If 
> yes, how is that achieved? (What i mean is, how do you decide if this 
> is a "strictly multiple choice field" or "multiple choice with 
> optional free text"
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