lessons from Intermountain Health, and starting work on openEHR 2.x

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On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 11:15 AM, David Moner <damoca at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2012/9/13 Erik Sundvall <erik.sundvall at liu.se>
>> It would be great if e.g most of the future ISO 13606 version could be a
>> true subset of openEHR instead of the current confusing situation.
> This is something I discussed with Thomas some time ago, it would be one
> of the best harmonisation solutions, but probably with a slightly different
> interpretation. Since 13606 has more generic classes (eg. the generic ENTRY
> can represent all of OBSERVATION, EVALUATION, INSTRUCTION, ACTION), instead
> of 13606 being a subset of openEHR I think that openEHR should be a
> specialized model of 13606.

I don't care if one is called a specialisation of the other, or a subset
the other way around :-) as long as it all works properly in software.

Would thoughts along the lines of
http://www.openehr.org/wiki/display/spec/openEHR+2.x+RM+-+CIMI+version+1 work
for the ISO 13606 use cases you are thinking of? Or do you need something
like the yellow boxes in "Candidate C" at..

The main issue is probably on which class the "data" attribute fits if we
want the openEHR entry types to specialize the 13606 entry class - in e.g.
OBSERVATIONS you may not want to use the same attribute name for another

In "Candidate C" the CARE_ENTRY could share the same "interface" as ENTRY
but it is not a direct specialization of ENTRY in implementation languages
without multiple inheritance (like Java).

Another option would of course be to call the current data-field of
OBSERVATION something else than data and make a call for the data field on
an observation return some kind of summary/conversion adhering to 13606
structures (in a way inspired by the as_hierarchy in the DATA_STRUCTURE
class, see 3.2.1 in

> Obviously this would require a deep analysis and changes of the models,
> but that could be the idea.

Yep, deeper analysis of the thoughts above would also be neccesary.

Best regards,
Erik Sundvall
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