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Let’s see if they’ll reconsider. Worth a try!




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Dear Sir or Madam,


Given that our submission was rejected on the grounds that it was more suited for a different format and not for lack of merit, is it possible for this to be reconsidered as a tutorial?


This approach that we wish to share is gaining significant international traction and in all other conferences attracts significant interest. In fact, at MIE in Sweden our workshop on openEHR was the only one to achieve sufficient registrants to actually run.


I would respectfully ask your committee to reconsider our proposal, specifically because of the reviewers comments re needing a different format, not that the proposal was not of use or interest. I also note the reviewers specifically point out the strengths of the proposal coming from a panel of very experienced implementers and a clear educational purpose.


Many thanks for your reconsideration,




Heather Leslie 


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Subject: Medinfo 2013 - Scientific Program Committee Decision, Id: 946


Medinfo 2013


MEDINFO 2013 - Decision on Submission ID MEDINFO-946

12th March 2013


Dear Dr. Heather Leslie,

Thank you for submitting your contribution entitled The international impact of openEHR clinical content models (Id=946) to MEDINFO 2013, the 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics to be held from August 20-23 2013 at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Medinfo 2013 received a very large number of submissions, with more than 500 papers and more than 200 posters. All submitted papers were reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers and members of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC). All submitted posters, workshops, panels, and scientific demonstrations were reviewed by members of the SPC. Given the constraints of the limited meeting length and space, and the high quality of the submissions, the SPC was forced to make some difficult decisions this year.

Unfortunately, your submission was not accepted for the conference program. We appreciated your submission; comments from the reviewers are listed below and we hope that they are informative and helpful.

MEDINFO 2013 Decision: Not Accepted

We hope that you can still join the international biomedical informatics community at MEDINFO in Copenhagen. The early bird deadline is April 15, 2013. You can register and get additional information about the conference program, tutorial, on-site program, etc. at: www.medinfo2013.dk <http://www.medinfo2013.dk> 

Warm Regards

Dominik Aronsky & Tze-Yun Leong, SPC Co-chairs

Reviewers' Comments

This proposal is more suitable for a tutorial. The authors do not clearly describe audience engagement strategies.THe strengths come from a panel of experimented implementers of openEHR archetypes and a clear educational purpose, but it lacks methodology to encourage attendees to interact with the presenters. 



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