The Truth About XML was: openEHR Subversion => Github move progress

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri Mar 29 12:33:28 EDT 2013

On 29/03/2013 16:19, Thomas Beale wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I don't see any problem here. The extant open 'reference 
> implementation' of openEHR has been in Java for years now, and 
> secondarily in Ruby ( <>) and C# 
> ( <>). The original Eiffel 
> prototype was from nearly 10 years ago and was simply how I prototyped 
> things from the GEHR project, while other OO languages matured.

I should make it clear that the above is not exhaustive or definitive - 
there is the openEHRgen framework using Groovy, at least one openEHR PHP 
product and much more diversity out there.

- thomas

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