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My name is Alberto Moreno, PhD student at University College London. As
part of my PhD I am conducting a Delphi study about functional requirements
that should be satisfied by clinical information modeling tools. Rather
than identify which functionalities are currently available in existing
tools the questionnaire aims to identify functionalities that should be
covered in order to provide guidance about how to evolve the existing tools.

In this study it is used the concept Clinical Information Model (CIM) as a
generic term that englobes any specification or proprietary solution
focused on the definition on how Electronic Health Record information
should be structured to support semantic interoperability among systems.
They include ISO EN 13606 archetypes, openEHR archetypes, HL7 Clinical
Document Architecture and HL7 Templates, Detailed Clinical Models and the
work carried out within the Clinical Information Modeling Initiative.

*I’d like to request the participation of experts in clinical modeling
to **answer
the following* questionnaire
help us obtaining enough inputs to obtain sufficient statistical results in
our research. We will collect the answers till *22th of November* and after
one month. This research is carried out in collaboration with the
*project (European Network of Excellence FP7-ICT-2011-7). The study is
designed in 2 stages:

   - 1st experts will require to answer the online questionnaire
   anonymously. This makes possible to define and analyses complex topics,
   - 2nd round will provide you the average results of total number of
   participants in the previous round as feedback by early December and
   will ask if you agree with the overall view of the sample of experts.

Although I have contacted some of you directly, I send this email to obtain
wider sample of experts in clinical information modeling for EHR making the
research open to anyone that would like to provide their opinion. This will
reduce possible of bias and stronger statistical results.

I expect that you will find results interesting, it will be submitted to
one specialized journal and shared with those that participate.

Kind Regards

* Alberto Moreno Conde*

PhD student

University College London / Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
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