Instruction archetypes and overlaping nodes with INSTRUCTION.narrative

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Mon Oct 28 22:50:37 EDT 2013

Hi, I'm reviewing archetypes for a project. Looking at referral request archetype on the CKM, there are some nodes (Reason for request & Reason description) that seems to match the semantics of INSTRUCTION.narrative property.
Using that archetype to generate the UI in EHRGen, the overlaping was clear (I though if a doctor records the reason, he/she will have no information to record on narrative). The problem is that narrative is mandatory on the IM, and I doubt what to do in cases like this one. 
See the generated UI here:

Is there a real overlaping from the clinical point of view?
If an archetype has nodes that represents the same semantics as narrative instruction, is there a need to record narrative anyway? (Even though the narrative is mandatory by the IM)
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