Prof Barry Smith - lecture on 'Ontology of disease' - April 29 Kings College London

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Mon Apr 14 11:48:58 EDT 2014

Prof Barry Smith (philosophy, Buffalo) will be talking on "The Ontology 
of Health and Disease" in King's College, London at 1.30pm on April 29.


"The Ontology of Disease"

A recent paper in the journal /
Healthcare Informatics Research/ identifies a paradigm shift - 'from 
concept representations to ontologies' - in the ways medical 
terminologies and vocabularies are used to describe medical data [1]. We 
will describe what this paradigm shift involves, what it means to talk 
about 'ontologies' in the medical context, and how such talk relates to
  traditional concerns of philosophical ontologists. We shall conclude 
with an ontological definition of disease, and illustrations of how this 
definition can be applied to a range of clinical examples.

[1] See

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