Representing HbA1c result (mmol/mol) in AE

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Thu Feb 13 07:14:26 EST 2014

Hi Koray,

You could submit a change request at and it would be in the next release of Archetype Editor, unless someone has some objection to this.

Once I’ve made the change, I could email you the updated PropertyUnitData.xml file from and copy it to your installation of Archetype Editor. This would save you having to wait for the next release … the last release was a year ago, and I don’t know when the next release will be because no one has been clamouring for it while we’re busy with other tasks.


On 13 Feb 2014, at 14:30, Koray Atalag <k.atalag at<mailto:k.atalag at>> wrote:


Any idea how to choose mmol/mol for HbA1c result using DV_QUANTITY in Archetype Editor?
It used to be a proportion (%) but now the international agreement is to use this unit which does not come as an option. Wonder if I exists in UCUM?
This is such a commonly used Lab item – I’m sure someone else must have hit the issue.



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