Representing HbA1c result (mmol/mol) in AE

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Would it be possible to do a general update of the units used in the Archetype Editor? There are some symbols (like "°") which apparently are not UCUM compatible and aren't recognised by the CKM. Also, some unit symbols (like "gm" for gram) aren't compatible with correct SI symbol use (in this case should be just "g"), and some groups/units like "µmol/L" (amount/volume) or "g/L" (mass/volume) aren't there at all.

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Hi Koray,

You could submit a change request at and it would be in the next release of Archetype Editor, unless someone has some objection to this.

Once I've made the change, I could email you the updated PropertyUnitData.xml file from and copy it to your installation of Archetype Editor. This would save you having to wait for the next release ... the last release was a year ago, and I don't know when the next release will be because no one has been clamouring for it while we're busy with other tasks.


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Any idea how to choose mmol/mol for HbA1c result using DV_QUANTITY in Archetype Editor?
It used to be a proportion (%) but now the international agreement is to use this unit which does not come as an option. Wonder if I exists in UCUM?
This is such a commonly used Lab item - I'm sure someone else must have hit the issue.



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