CIMI archetype examples using latest openEHR AOM & ADL

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Hi Thomas,

Overviewing the content on the wiki, IMO panels are an specification of sections.

Is very weird from the modeling point of view to have a composite pattern (ENTRY, COMPOUND_ENTRY, ...) inside a composite pattern (CONTENT_ITEM, SECTION, ENTRY), is like defining a tree inside a tree in the model, but the initial model can also model the second, is just redundant. And IMO it doesn't add semantics to the model.

It is also stated that "a panel is not a Section; it has specified and fixed [potential] content", so it could be a templated section maybe (?). Without that statement, is clear that a collection of observations is just a SECTION with slots to OBSERVATIONS (archetyped or templated).

Also, the name "panel" makes me think of an user interface element, not a data structure. It would be nice to know why they need this new composite structure there, and if the requirement comes from structural needs or from information display needs.

As I see it, CIMI is mixing SECTIONS and ITEM_STRUCTURES.

OT, I tried to get closer to CIMI, but it seems difficult to participate from outside the EURO zone :(

Kind regards,
Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez

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Subject: CIMI archetype examples using latest openEHR AOM & ADL



    For those of you following CIMI, there is now a dedicated
      CIMI space on the openEHR wiki. This
      page summarises some recent developments on the question of
    'panels in panels' and 'Entries in Entries'. Essentially we are
    trying to merge aspects of the modelling styles of Intermountain
    Healthcare, openEHR and others, to cover more modelling use cases.


    The example is provided of BMI as a 'panel' that uses Height and
    Weight, which are themselves also usable as self-standing Entries,
    on this
      page in a series of screen shots and explanation.


    - thomas


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