Clinical Knowledge Manager update + Github Mirror

Ian McNicoll ian.mcnicoll at
Mon Feb 24 04:54:41 EST 2014

Clinical and technical members may be interested to know that a new
version of CKM has been released.

In particular this release adds an automatic export of all resources
(archetypes, templates and termsets) that are uploaded to CKM to a Git
repository. This will be automatically updated to mirror the contents
of the CKM Trunk.

The github repository can be found at

Note that the CKM Trunk is an 'editorial view' and includes both
published and unstable archetypes.

The CKM update offers many usability improvements such as for example
an easier way to merge various translations of an archetype into a new
trunk archetype, easier sharing of archetypes and other resources via
direct links, usability improvements to the search in the left hand
tree, some big green buttons, and a simpler registration process.

Editors now have the ability to add special comments to reviewers of
an archetype when creating a new review round for an archetype which
will be displayed inline to the reviewers.

For templates, a new Printable view was added and templates with its
sub-templates and contained archetypes can now be viewed as an
Organisational Chart. Also, many details of the form view of a
template have been enhanced.

This release also adds some checks around ensuring that archetypes use
correct UCUM-units as specified by the specs and fixes a number of

The detailed change list is available at



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