Link between goals and other clinical concepts

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Hi Pablo,

I think that you need a higher level model to link the two things together.  openEHR is about modelling the clinical content at the level of what do we want to record in our systems.  When we start thinking about workflow, careplans, etc, we need to utilise data within a higher level construct that manages these things.

At the moment, openEHR doesn't have these kind of higher level models but may go there at some stage.  We have done a lot of work in care planning and have a system that enables problems with a list of goals and targets.  These are all archetyped and captured in compositions based on templates that are constructed from the base archetypes.  This gives us a way of recording the data points we need, however the workflow and management of these things is done in software.

Hope that helps.

Regards Hugh

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Hi all, does my previous message make sense?

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>Hi, if I want to establish a goal for body weight, I think there's a need of linking the goal concept with the body weight concept, but the body weight archetype is for measuring the weight not to specify a goal for it.
>I understand the difference between a goal (what you want to achieve, fixed value) and the measures (to control your progress and compare with the goal, variable value through time).
>Also, I think the target measurement from the goal archetype will depend on the specific concept I'm creating a goal for (body weight), I mean the magnitude and units constraints should be inherited someway from the concept I'm measuring (body weight) into the goal archetype.
>Does anyone has an idea of how will be a good way of modeling a goal related to another concept like weight or BP?
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>Eng. Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez
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