Link between goals and other clinical concepts

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri Jun 20 14:11:17 EDT 2014

On 20/06/2014 01:20, pablo pazos wrote:
> Hey Hugh! How are you?
> I was afraid to reach that conclusion and hoping to an openEHR native 
> solution.
> One thing I was thinking of was to specialize the current goal 
> archetype to create, lets say, a body weight goal, is that a valid 
> approach?

another thing to note - there are thoughts of how we might add a proper 
'epistemic status' field to the reference model, which would allow any 
observation data based on archetype X (e.g. BMI, BP etc) to be marked as 
'actual', 'planned', 'target', etc etc. I've been working on and off on 
an initial classification of types of statements in health 
which may provide some ideas.

- thomas
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