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> Onderwerp: Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale information request
> Antwoord aan: "William Goossen" <wgoossen at results4care.nl>
> Dear all,
> I am currently working on the DCM for the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). This was balloted in 2010 and reconciled. I am trying to work on the reconciliation despite that HL7 Int is not further interesting in publishing this kind of work. 
> One of the issues is that there is a pediatric GCS apparently. However, that was not included in the DCM GCS.
> Given the completely different target group, and hence differences in interpretations and probably scores, I think this must be a different instrument, with different codes per data element to differentiate between adult and child versions.
> 1.         Does anyone of you have proper references / articles in which the development, validation and reliability of this scale is described?
> 2.         Does anyone have detailed information on its representation in any format? Hl7 template, archetype, UML, OWL, other?
> 3.         Does anyone have (information about) detailed codes for the data elements (total score, eye, moving, verbal) and for the value set per data element?
> 4.         What is in general your opinion on the same instrument revalidated for other target groups? Should these be equivalent or different identified, modelled and coded from the original instrument?
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