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Het is zelfs nog meer gecompliceerd omdat e.e.a nog van leeftijd afhankelijk is. Een simpel google leverde

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Dear all,

I am currently working on the DCM for the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS). This was balloted in 2010 and reconciled. I am trying to work on the reconciliation despite that HL7 Int is not further interesting in publishing this kind of work.

One of the issues is that there is a pediatric GCS apparently. However, that was not included in the DCM GCS.

Given the completely different target group, and hence differences in interpretations and probably scores, I think this must be a different instrument, with different codes per data element to differentiate between adult and child versions.

1.         Does anyone of you have proper references / articles in which the development, validation and reliability of this scale is described?

2.         Does anyone have detailed information on its representation in any format? Hl7 template, archetype, UML, OWL, other?

3.         Does anyone have (information about) detailed codes for the data elements (total score, eye, moving, verbal) and for the value set per data element?

4.         What is in general your opinion on the same instrument revalidated for other target groups? Should these be equivalent or different identified, modelled and coded from the original instrument?

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