ADL / AOM 1.5 wiki resources have moved to new 'ADL' space

Thomas Beale thomas.beale at
Fri May 16 13:37:54 EDT 2014

Interest in ADL & AOM 1.5 is growing daily now.

In order to enable visitors new and old to more easily find the ADL and 
AOM pages on the openEHR wiki, I have moved them to a new ADL space 
<>. This even has its 
own logo, so you can see it more easily when you log into the wiki.

I have renamed some pages in an effort to obtain better URLs (it's not 
always that easy to work out Confluence's rules for URL generation. I 
have also re-organised the pages and chosen a space theme that enables 
the page structure to be visible on the left hand side.

Unfortunately this may cause some disruption to users who have saved 
URLs as favourites. The original top page 
<> now 
includes just a link to the new location.

If anyone experiences any problems, or has complaints, please let me 
know on this list or privately.

I am continually trying to improve the usability of these pages, so 
feedback from all users is extremely valuable. Please either leave 
comments on specific pages, or post on the lists.


- thomas beale

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