transfer/move archetype?

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No problem from me. I'll need to find out how this is done.



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Hi Heath,

do you think it would make sense to share this one at the ckm? While it would be easy for us to generate an archetype that fits our local needs,  it might be worth to contribute this archetype as a starting point in the openEHR ckm to create something reusable.



Am 05.09.2014 14:43, schrieb Heath Frankel:
We use a patient location archetype in addition to a patient admission archetype so that we can track patient movement around the hospital as part of a hospital episode.



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Would a patient location archetype be better? Apart from Hospital, Building, floor, Ward, Room, Bed for example, there is a need for planned time of transfer, actual time, time of arrival, time of planned departure, actual time of departure.

Updates could be managed by versioned data in a persistant composition if you wanted only one location per patient.

Needs some thought.

Cheers Sam
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Subject: transfer/move archetype?

Hi again,

I was wondering if somebody has put some thoughts on a "patient transfer" archetype which would serve to record the transfer of patients between different wards within a hospital. Why would it be interesting to have this information archetyped? For example we'd like to calculate the time that a catheter has been applied at the ICU. As a catheter often doesn't get removed when the patient leaves the ICU, we need to calculate the time by using both the catheter documentation and the patient transfer data.

In our case, SAP i.s.h. med has a simple data model for patient transfers (Patient-ID, Type of transfer/move, timestamp, department, ward, sometimes (bed)). Are there any use cases you can think of that would require additional information? Would the creation of such an archetype would be of interest for someone else?

Kind regards,

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