Archetypes vs. Templates, archetype version in slots

Diego Boscá yampeku at
Thu Sep 25 07:09:27 EDT 2014


While reviewing CKM archetypes we found that slots are usually
pointing to other v1 archetypes.
Shouldn't archetype slots point to any version of the included
archetypes and not a single archetype? Shouldn't be Templates the ones
pointing to an specific archetype?

This is also true even for "archetype and all its children" slots
respiration(-[a-zA-Z0-9_]+)*\.v1) in
which the v1 seems to be even more misplaced as it points to a set of
archetype v1 by default.

Probably v1 should be changed to v[0-9]+ (or even v[0-9\.]+)


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