Clinical Modeling - A critical analysis

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Hi folks,

recently found this article by Blobel and Goossen:

Here are some quotes that I found interesting:

"[openEHR Archteypes] they are facing the problem that the architectural 
representation and composition/decomposition of real-world classes and 
instances cannot be provided appropriately"

"Nonetheless, their [(openEHR and CIMI)] architectural basis is 

"What is driving the development seems to be more competition and the 
defense of market shares than a sophisticated methodology"

"The demonstrated substantial weaknesses caused by ignoring the 
rediscovered systems approach to the domains of discourse and the 
resulting needs for architecturally sound and ontology-driven modeling 
approaches are inherent in most of the health informatics 
standardization efforts intended to go beyond the traditional health 
information systems’ perspective toward a comprehensive reflection of 
the business domain"

I would love to hear some thoughts about the statements and the paper.


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